DIGITAL Marketing with ads and affiliates

Easy and fast start earning money on your site.
AffiliateMNGR is the way to increase revenue, find a new stream of income and a simple way free of charge that leads generations.
More payouts and profit on artificial intelligence optimization algorithms

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Ads management / Affiliate management / Banner management

easy management tool for banners, ads and affiliates for multiple publishing website. Based on views, clicks, categories, context, language filtering

Ad delivery network

Super fast delivery network with complete logging and activity tracing

Ad and affiliate fallback 

You can chose to display a fallback option when no other ad or affiliate is available for context

Ad exchange / Banner exchange

Free of charge ad exchange with one of our partners. AffiliateMNGR reserves 1% exchange views for our own displays as your contribution. This means for each 1000 views AffiliateMNGR uses 10 views.

AI optimization

Choose the AI algorithms to optimize your ads, banners and affiliates rotation to get the better results of your choice: revenue, diversity, clicks, leads or views. AffiliateMNGR provides a cost efficient way to benefit on our machine learning algorithm. We take an active participation in your revenue increase the more the better: AffiliateMNGR takes the exact percentage of total percentage increase of revenue on this increase. So if your revenue increased 1% we take 1% on this increase. If it is 2% - well done! We take 2% on 2% increase. We work hard to make it 10%!