Ads Exchange: What to Expect as a Business


An ads exchange is an essential part of modern digital marketing, including affiliate marketing. An ads exchange is a kind of marketplace where advertisers can connect with publishers.

On the ads exchange, companies can directly buy and sell ads from their inventory. This is done through real-time bidding, eliminating the need for an intermediary.

AffiliateMNGR as an Ads Exchange

AffiliateMNGR is a type of ads exchange, but focused purely on affiliate marketing. This means that as an advertiser, you can connect with publishers through us. You can outsource ads in the form of affiliate marketing and banners, but more on that later.

Affiliate marketing means that the publisher is responsible for shaping the ads, within the restrictions you can set. The advantage is that you do not have to be actively involved in outsourcing ads. However, it is possible to specifically look for affiliates/publishers that match the marketing you are seeking.

Exchanging Ads

In addition to affiliate marketing, we also offer the possibility to exchange ad banners. We have various banners with our partners where you can place your ads. We reserve 1% of all views for our own displays, and the rest is available for other companies.

It is possible to specify on which website you want to place the ads. This allows you to further specify how you want to outsource your marketing.

The benefit of AffiliateMNGR is that we offer the ability to track all activities around the ads. This means you can see exactly when and how often your ads and banners are viewed.

Ad Optimization with AI

Another unique way we can assist you is with our AI. This ensures that we optimize ads, banners, and affiliate rotations for better results. This is entirely customizable. You can choose to optimize for revenue, diversity, clicks, leads, or views. Our goal is to increase your total revenue by 10%.