Affiliate links: What exactly are they?


Do you want to present your products to the widest possible audience? Affiliate links are the way to do that. We will improve what exactly this is and what you can do in this blog!

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate links are part of affiliate marketing. This is a specific form of collaboration between two entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur A promotes the product of entrepreneur B. If entrepreneur A successfully delivers a customer to entrepreneur B, he or she receives a commission. The amount of commission is being discussed.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is often used during affiliate marketing. The affiliate partner promotes a product on his or her website or social media through an affiliate link. This affiliate link redirects a customer to the product of entrepreneur B. Because the link receives a certain code, it can be determined exactly which partner the customer comes from.

How does the affiliate process work?

The affiliate process generally contains five steps:

  1. Entrepreneurs enter into collaboration. Entrepreneur A promotes products and services of entrepreneur B for a commission.
  2. Entrepreneur A receives a unique affiliate link from entrepreneur B and places it on his or her website.
  3. Customers click on the affiliate link and are redirected to the sales page. Cookies are stored in the browser so that the link is valid for several days when the customer returns to the sales page.
  4. The customer visits the website and purchases a product or service. This can be done immediately after opening the link, but also 30 to 90 days later (if the cookies are not deleted from the browser).
  5. Entrepreneur B has acquired a customer through the promotion of entrepreneur A. In return, entrepreneur A receives a commission from entrepreneur B. The remainder is for entrepreneur B.

The validity of an affiliate link

In general, cookies are stored in the browser for 30 to 90 days. If a customer still decides to order weeks later, you as an affiliate partner will receive a commission. Unfortunately, this process is not completely foolproof. Browsers can be set to delete cookies immediately. Incognito mode can also ensure this. This can cause you to miss out on a commission.

How do you get an affiliate link?

You get an affiliate link through an affiliate marketing program. Originally you can call around yourself, but this is usually done through an affiliate manager. Here you can make a request to an entrepreneur to strengthen a product.

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