Create a Professional Advertisement for Affiliate Marketing: This is How You Do It


Do you want to create a professional ad for affiliate marketing? You have to do this well, otherwise affiliates will not come in to help you with your marketing. There is a lot out there about how to become an affiliate, but not much about how to start online marketing as an advertiser. We will help you with that in this blog.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Ad?

An affiliate marketing advertisement is an advertisement in which you as an advertiser ask whether others want to become part of your affiliate marketing campaign. Within this campaign, you have other customers referred to you, after which the affiliates receive compensation. This compensation is usually in the form of a percentage of the customer's purchase amount.

Tips for a Professional Advertisement

There are a number of useful tips you can follow for a professional advertisement. Below are some useful tips:

Know Which Affiliate Revenue Models are Available

There are three affiliate revenue models that are used:

  • Pay Per Lead (PPL): A payment for a lead. This could be a purchase, but also a quote or a registration for a newsletter. The compensation for this is usually a percentage, but it can also be a fixed amount.
  • Pay Per View (PPV): A payment for a view. This mainly concerns someone who looks at a certain banner or advertisement. The fee for this is usually a few cents.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): A compensation for a click on an affiliate link. This can be done with just a click, but also when a purchase has been made.

It is important to choose a revenue model that best suits the way you want to advertise. It is important that you choose a fixed compensation for the revenue model. This way, an affiliate knows where he or she stands.

Create a Page on Your Website for Your Campaign

If you want to create an affiliate ad, it is recommended that you create a page for your website. This allows potential affiliates to see whether your affiliate campaigns are for them. This is an easier way to get new publishers.

However, it is not necessary to do this on your own website. You can also have this done at AffiliateMNGR. We place on our advertisers page which advertisers affiliates can publish for.

Be Clear About the Conditions

With a professional advertisement for affiliates, it is important to be clear about the conditions. By being clear, both parties know exactly what to expect. There are a number of things you can mention in the conditions:

  • Certain products that should not be used
  • Certain banners that may or may not be used
  • Possibility of shopping campaigns
  • Possibility of Google Ads campaigns