Discover the Advantages of Affiliate Marketing and Efficiently Manage Your Links with AffiliateMNGR


Why Choose for Affiliate Marketing? provides a straightforward and lucrative opportunity for affiliate earnings. As one of the most reputable brands in the Netherlands with a vast customer base, offers an attractive platform for affiliate marketers. Its intuitive interface and transparent performance metrics make it a preferred choice.

Featuring an extensive product catalog, from everyday items to specialized tools, ensures a diverse range of promotional opportunities.

Joining's affiliate program is hassle-free, catering to individuals with varying levels of experience in affiliate marketing.

Unlock the Power of AffiliateMNGR

AffiliateMNGR is indispensable for streamlining affiliate management tasks. This tool enables effortless monitoring of affiliate performance and facilitates link replacement when necessary. Seamlessly integrating with, AffiliateMNGR simplifies product promotion and centralized affiliate management.

Designed to handle high volumes of links, AffiliateMNGR equips you with the essential resources for optimizing your affiliate marketing efforts.

Understanding Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program empowers marketers to promote products and earn commissions on sales. With's extensive product range, affiliates have ample opportunities to monetize their efforts.

Commission rates vary between 2.5% and 7%, contingent upon the product category.

Getting Started

To enroll in the Affiliate program, you need a website or platform featuring relevant, original content. Adherence to's Terms and Conditions is mandatory, with exclusion of websites focused on cashback or loyalty schemes.

Upon meeting these criteria, submit your application to join the affiliate program and commence affiliate placement on your platform.

Tracking Mechanisms employs two primary affiliate tracking methods. Cart tracking stores the affiliate's reference in the visitor's shopping cart, ensuring commission attribution. The 5-day cookie window extends commission eligibility for purchases made within this timeframe.

Cookie Duration

With a 5-day cookie duration, ensures commission accrual for all transactions completed within this period via your affiliate link.