Launch of advertisement platform


We just launched our platform and we’re excited to introduce you to our advertisement platform!

After months of dedication, optimisation and hard work, we are proud to launch our advertising and affiliate platform!

This is our first version of the platform, the alpha version as we call it. Our team is working on updating, optimising our dashboards and advertisement delivery network. During a proof period we already delivered more than a thousand ads and registered confirmed conversions.

Our data analysis allows us to make upgrades on our ads delivery algorithms and system.

Our technical team is working on integrating our advertisement system and onboarding new publishers and advertisers. Every third day we see growth of 30% of ads delivered to the end consumer.

What's next?
We are planing to keep up with the growth rate of the onboarding of ad delivery. With the next iteration we introduce affiliate programs integration tool and start our proof period on our client web platform. Durng the next period we work on AffiliateMNGR Wordpress Plugin that will allow seamless integration with the publishers website in Wordpress.
In 2 weeks we are starting integration of our advertisement platform with a new publisher, we expect to triple ads delivery per day.