Affiliate MNGR for Advertisers

AffiliateMNGR is the way to increase revenue, find a new stream of income and a simple way free of charge to lead generations. More payouts and profit on artificial intelligence optimization algorithms

Affiliate MNGR for advertisers

Our toolset for advertisers is released!

Affiliate MNGR for advertisers consists of

  • Ad Delivery Network (ADN)
  • Ad and Affiliate management portal for advertisers
  • Ad and banner generator for advertisers
  • Real-time DataWall with actual major statistics of running campaigns
  • Health-check monitor for ad/affiliates placements and ads destinations
  • Affiliate MNGR Ads and Affiliate API

Because Affiliate MNGR for advertisers is in Alpha, we have special prices for advertisers. At this moment you can only sign up for Affiliate MNGR for advertisers only with an invite.

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